Governance & Education

Sustaining wealth and ensuring it has a positive impact requires a focus beyond the money. We are here to help you and future generations navigate the opportunities and challenges that come with wealth.

The Tiedemann approach to governance and education

At Tiedemann, we are committed to helping families, family enterprises, family offices and foundations with the qualitative and quantitative aspects of managing family wealth. Money is a tool, and our advisors help you define and achieve the impact you want your money to have on you, your family, future generations and the world.

From navigating family dynamics and talking about money to preparing heirs and proactively planning for transitions, our team can work with you to design and implement a roadmap grounded in shared values that is flexible to change as the family or enterprise grows and evolves.

Ensuring your wealth achieves what matters most to you

Values, Meaning & Purpose

Define the impact you want your wealth to achieve and craft a Mission Statement grounded in shared values to guide decision-making.

Family Dynamics

Enhance cohesiveness through facilitated multigenerational communication, navigating the impact money has on relationships and by effectively managing conflict.

Financial Education

Develop competencies to be financially savvy, independent and prepared for current and future roles and responsibilities.

Family Enterprise Governance

Design and implement a strategic framework that enables shared decision making in the family, enterprise or foundation.

Philanthropy & Impact

Explore opportunities and execute strategies to make an impact through investing and charitable giving.

Legacy & Transition Planning

Define your desired legacy, align your wealth transfer plan to your intentions and proactively plan for transitions.

Intentional wealth management

  • Discovery to uncover goals, values, interests and needs, leading to a mission that guides decision making
  • Facilitated family and foundation meetings
  • Aligning intent and desired implications with wealth transfer plan and communication plan
  • Educational workshops and resources
  • Rising-generation development and engagement
  • Defining governance structures, policies, guidelines
  • Transition/succession planning
  • Topic-focused consultation and coaching
  • Peer learning and Community Square gatherings

Knowledge expands when people come together

Community Square logo

As wealth increases for a family, so do the challenges, opportunities and complexities. Many clients tell us that they find connection and perspective through conversations with their peers and experts who can cite shared experiences and who are willing to share their successes and failures so others can learn. It’s not just about wealth, but rather concerns about the way that wealth complicates issues like family dynamics, succession, legacy, philanthropy, personal security, impact investing and more.

At Tiedemann, we value shared learning and believe that by using collective wisdom we can build a stronger future – and that is why we created Community Square. Community Square is a forum for clients to connect and engage with each other in a fully confidential setting and it provides the opportunity for families to share their circumstances, issues and challenges with peers and experts, and learn from and with each other.

Being intentional with your wealth is a lifelong journey.

We are committed to being your partner, confidant and guide as you navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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