March 2021

Stop Obsessing About China’s Competitive Strengths

Tiedemann's in-house China expert Robert Hormats penned a piece on what the US can do to address the rapidly intensifying technology competition between the US and China. An earlier version of this article was published in The Hill on March 28, 2021.

The recent high-level Sino-American talks in Anchorage appeared to reinforce the prospect of rapidly intensifying technology competition between the U.S. and China – something most observers have recognized for some time. 5G has been, and doubtless will continue to be, a central feature of that competition.

For the U.S. to excel, we need a national strategy not only to develop the architecture to be the world leader in next-generation 5G technologies but also to strengthen our ability to move into 6G later in this decade. China even now appears to be drawing up plans for future breakthroughs in that area. We need three guiding principles...

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