November 2020

The 2020 Election - What to Expect After Election Day

  • The days, weeks and months after the election could be very contentious and confrontational, putting stress on our citizens, our system and our markets.
  • But the U.S. has a process embedded in the Constitution and in generations of political and legal experience for resolving disputes, challenges, confrontations and deep, partisan divides.
  • Rather than getting caught up in the ups and downs of the 24-hour news cycle and frenetic, virtually minute-by-minute “breaking news,” we should first focus on the fact that there is both time and opportunity for the Constitutional process to work and for our country’s leaders to show sufficient judgement and commitment to the national interest to sort this out and deliver fair and accurate electoral results to the American people.

Read Managing Director and former top government official Robert Hormats piece discussing the Constitutional process for resolving disputes in a close election.

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