November 2020

Why Having Too Many Executors Can Melt an Estate

Jim Bertles sat down with David Lenok, senior editor at, to discuss what can go wrong when a client appoints too many executors to their estate. Through a celebrity example - Tom Carvel, the creator of soft serve ice cream - they uncover how you can help clients make wise decisions about who to appoint as trustees and executors –– and particularly, how to avoid selecting people who could potentially have a conflict of interest when making decisions.

They walks us through:

  • The difference between the roles of executor and trustee
  • What tends to spark disputes between trustees and beneficiaries
  • Why having several executors can be counterproductive and complicate an estate
  • What qualities make for a good executor
  • How to politely play devil’s advocate with your clients to make sure they’re choosing the right executors and trustees
  • And more!

Listen to the podcast here.

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