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Pride at Tiedemann Advisors

At Tiedemann Advisors, we are reflecting on Pride a little differently this year. There won’t be actual parades and parties, but there will be time for self-reflection and acknowledgment that so much hate, bigotry and violence still exists in our country and around the world, and that Black and Transgender people and all marginalized groups still face systemic injustice and discrimination. We are acknowledging all that is missing within our organization and industry, as well as our society. As a gay man, I may not have had insurmountable struggles in my professional life, but I do know what it is like to not bring my whole self to work and what it feels like to be explicitly and implicitly counseled to do so in order to succeed.

Why Investing At The Top Makes Sense

The sharp drop in global equity markets has investors on edge and wondering if they should move to cash in case markets drop further. History has shown that this is a poor strategy for a long-term investor – it’s far better to stick with a well-diversified portfolio than to try to time the exit and entry points into gyrating markets. What works is to maintain an investment discipline over time, an approach that works even if you begin investing at the worst time possible, at market top. Read why.

Investing During Volatile Times in Geopolitics and Markets

The trade dispute between the US and China is one of multiple conflicts around the globe with the potential to upset an already weak global economy. Brexit, escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Turkey’s military campaign in Syria, and protests in Hong Kong all represent destabilizing forces that could affect some of the world’s largest economies.

Gold Shines for Investors Looking to Diversify

Gold is an attractive part of an investment portfolio due to its low correlation to financial assets. An allocation to gold has historically improved returns and dampened volatility within a diversified portfolio, particularly for portfolios on the lower end of the risk spectrum. Read our blog post to learn more.

Your impact investing journey: Measuring and managing your impact investments

A common debate in impact investing circles is over the best way to quantify, and/or qualify, the non-financial impact of an investment. Indeed, there are now a myriad of approaches and metrics, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

Your impact investing journey: Doing your due diligence for impact

With so many ESG and impact funds now available to investors, and more fund launches virtually every day, it can be easy for an investor to feel overwhelmed by all the options.

Your impact investing journey: Aligning your investments with your values

Like traditional investors, impact investors can have varied goals and objectives. As such, impact investing should be a customized journey for each investor.

Your impact investing journey: Finding the right financial advisor

The biggest question on the minds of many investors these days is how to use their capital to create positive social and environmental impacts. From family offices and high-net-worth individuals to foundations and endowments, it seems everyone is talking about, or doing, impact investing.

Trade Turmoil Between the U.S. and China: How Might It Affect the U.S. Economy?

Trade tensions between the United States and China have been simmering for decades, but recent escalations have upped the stakes and grabbed headlines. Investors are nervous about the effect of tariffs on economic growth, corporate profits and price inflation for certain products. Read our take on the implications of these recent events.

Three Tips for Navigating Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones are attracting significant interest across the investor community. But just like with any new investment or market, it’s important to understand both the opportunity and potential areas of caution. To help guide that discussion with clients, here are our current thoughts on how to navigate this new market.

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