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Giving Together: Philanthropy and the Next Generation

Unprecedented global developments such as the pandemic, natural disasters and social and financial inequalities have led to rapid growth, advancements and changes in philanthropy. Many families have significantly increased their giving, with rising generations taking on leadership roles contributing their time, talents and resources. From shifting generational values, approaches and priorities, to new models of assessing impact – families are facing big questions that have the power to radically shape the future of philanthropy for good.We sat down for a special conversation with Rena Greifinger, Managing Director of Maverick Collective; Alex Idol, President of the Idol Family Foundation and Founding Member of Maverick Next; and Jill Shipley, Managing Director at Tiedemann Advisors. We discuss the changing role of philanthropy and effective strategies to maximize impact for positive social change. We also explore how families can tackle the world’s biggest challenges by encouraging the confidence, empathy and passions of the rising generations while honoring those that came before.



Cybersecurity has never been more important than it is today. Every risk management strategy for a family or business must now have a comprehensive plan to address the substantial threat of cyberattacks. It is no longer a question of if you might be threatened by a cybersecurity attack but rather when. While the threats are increasing, so too are the ways in which you can protect yourself and your business. In this two-part webinar series, we sat down with renowned security experts Guy Snodgrass and Cesare Garlati to understand the current state of cybersecurity. Additionally, we discuss what you can learn from the U.S. national security and intelligence community and the cybersecurity industry when it comes to protecting your family and your business.We continued the conversation on May 6 with Aidan Kehoe, CEO of SKOUT Cybersecurity, and discussed what actual steps you can take to protect yourself and the information you have entrusted with third parties including Tiedemann. You will learn what the real threats are, what you need to do to better defend yourself, and whom you can work with to assist in securing your information.


How To Give Back In Meaningful, Sustainable Ways

The year 2020 delivered a crossroads of crises that begged the question for many who are fortunate enough to ask: What more can I do to help? At Tiedemann Advisors, we have facilitated more conversations with clients and their families who felt compelled to start—or increase—their philanthropic efforts this year compared to years prior. In particular, we saw increased interest to improve access to affordable housing across the nation as demand soared due to the pandemic. Families worked with nonprofits to both increase the supply of quality homes as well as advance racial equity and promote upward mobility in this long-segregated market. For those looking to make a positive impact, whether that’s directed at relief for those affected by Covid-19, social justice initiatives, or companies combatting climate change, here are a few considerations.


Bridging the Political Divide | Keeping Family Ties From Fraying

In an acrid political climate, it’s vital to keep clients’ family ties from fraying, say CEO Michael Tiedemann and Managing Director and head of Tiedemann’s Family Governance and Education practice Jill Shipley in Barron’s Advisor’s The Way Forward podcast. Michael and Jill sat down with Barron’s Advisors to discuss the firm’s new practice and how it has helped families leading up to the election.

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