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Living our values on Global Giving Tuesday and every day

While today is #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of unity as a response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19, we believe that every day presents an opportunity to create a positive impact in your communities by giving some of your time, money, or the power of your voice. Read how Tiedemann approaches giving, especially during this pandemic.

Philanthropy, the Pandemic and New Possibilities

This segment of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series from April 30, 2020 Richard Woo (Senior Advisor in Philanthropy, Impact Investing and Social Equity) and Bjorn Larsson (CEO of the ForeSight Group) talked about philanthropy, the pandemic and new possibilities.

Wealth Planning Strategies During Challenging Times

This segment of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series from April 23, 2020 focuses on various income tax and estate planning opportunities stemming from the current environment. In this webinar three senior members of our trust and estate planning team provide an overview how to take advantage of depressed asset values, what estate planning opportunities depressed assets along with low interest rates present, and what estate planning documents you should be reviewing now.

Managing Family Wealth: Key considerations when creating the right solution for your family

Substantial wealth is often accumulated over generations or through a liquidity event such as the sale of a business. Regardless of its origins, wealth must be managed thoughtfully—leaving families to find solutions that align their wealth with their values, family structure and unique long-term needs. Read this paper to understand the difference between a single-family office and a multi-family office, and learn about how a hybrid solution in which families can borrow qualities from each model could potentially be the path to preserving wealth for generations.

Why Responsible Investing Has Outperformed Throughout the Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has upended normal life and rattled markets around the world. Without a vaccine, cure, or even realistic reopening of the United States economy in sight, investors are pricing in prolonged uncertainty and negative growth as consumers face restrictions on travel, dining and spending in general. One silver lining for investors, though, would be the relative outperformance of responsible investment strategies during the recent downturn. Read our piece on the reasons and implications behind this.

Stay Home. But Keep On Planning.

We recognize what a stressful time it is for everyone adjusting to a new normal as we deal with the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying instability in the financial markets. However, the current environment presents favorable opportunities, both on the income tax and estate planning side. Read our piece on what these wealth planning opportunities are.

World War III Isn’t What the Strategists Thought It Would Be

Tiedemann’s international investment and foreign policy expert Robert Hormats discusses the implications of the coronavirus in this two-page article.

Economic and Geopolitical Implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic

We kicked off our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series with a conversation around the economic and geopolitical implications of the coronavirus with Tiedemann’s Managing Director and international investment and foreign policy expert Robert Hormats. In this webinar Mr. Hormats highlighted the potential consequences of the pandemic on global inter-governmental relations and shared his thoughts on what the investment and business landscape around the world will possibly look like in the post-pandemic, less-globalized world.

Why Investing At The Top Makes Sense

The sharp drop in global equity markets has investors on edge and wondering if they should move to cash in case markets drop further. History has shown that this is a poor strategy for a long-term investor – it’s far better to stick with a well-diversified portfolio than to try to time the exit and entry points into gyrating markets. What works is to maintain an investment discipline over time, an approach that works even if you begin investing at the worst time possible, at market top. Read why.

Delaware Trust Law and Impact Investing

A change in Delaware trust law permits permits trustees to consider the beneficiaries’ personal values when investing, including the beneficiaries’ desire to engage in sustainable investing strategies that align with the beneficiaries’ social, environmental, governance or other values. This language allows trustees to invest in impact investments that align with beneficiaries’ values without amending trust documents. Delaware is the only state to amend its trust law to allow for impact investing, reinforcing its position as the trust industry’s most innovative and client-centered domicile. Learn what this mean and how Tiedemann clients are benefiting from this.

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