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Why Having Too Many Executors Can Melt an Estate

Tiedemann Managing Director Jim Bertles sat down with David Lenok, senior editor at, to discuss what can go wrong when a client appoints too many executors to their estate. Through a celebrity example - Tom Carvel, the creator of soft serve ice cream - they uncover how you can help clients make wise decisions about who to appoint as trustees and executors –– and particularly, how to avoid selecting people who could potentially have a conflict of interest when making decisions.

Bridging the Political Divide | Keeping Family Ties From Fraying

In an acrid political climate, it’s vital to keep clients’ family ties from fraying, say CEO Michael Tiedemann and Managing Director and head of Tiedemann’s Family Governance and Education practice Jill Shipley in Barron’s Advisor’s The Way Forward podcast. Michael and Jill sat down with Barron’s Advisors to discuss the firm’s new practice and how it has helped families leading up to the election.

Year-End Estate Planning Strategies

Jim Bertles, Tiedemann Advisors’ Managing Director, sat down with Bill Schaaf, Special Counsel at Cadwalader, (where Jim was a Partner before joining Tiedemann) to discuss year-end estate planning strategies that can benefit clients.

Robert Hormats talks about a Modern Monetary Theory Experiment | Bloomberg’s What Goes Up Podcast

Managing Director Robert Hormats, who has worked in senior economic and trade policy roles under five different U.S. presidents and spent 25 years at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., is interviewed in Bloomberg’s “What Goes Up” podcast about his recent Barron’s byline and Modern Monetary Theory, the value of the USD, the tense relationship between China and the U.S., and how vaccine hopes are impacting markets.

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