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Rethinking Real Estate

In this segment of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series we sat down with real estate investment experts Dr. Peter Linneman and Christine Kwak. They shared their expectations for the economic recovery including how the long-term implications of Covid-19 will impact residential and commercial real estate. They also discussed the outlook for public and private real estate, including the Opportunity Zone investment program.

The 2020 Presidential Election: Thoughts and Insights

Dan Clifton, Head of Policy Research at Strategas Research Partners, shares his data-driven insights regarding the upcoming Presidential Election in this installment of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series.

The Science and Timeline of Vaccine and Treatment Development

Listen to this webinar recording from June 11 where Dr. Carlos Paya MD, PhD, Former Mayo Clinic Professor of Medicine and Immunology discusses COVID-19 - prevention, treatment and vaccine development.

The Pandemic from a European Perspective

As part of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series, on June 4th we sat down with Michael O’Sullivan, Author of The Levelling and Former CIO of Credit Suisse International Wealth Management Division, along with Robert Weeber, CEO of our Zurich-based partner firm Tiedemann Constantia to discuss the European perspective of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cybersecurity in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond

On May 28th as part of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series, we sat down with Dr. Samantha Ravich, Former Deputy National Security Advisor and Current Congressional Cyber Commissioner to discuss cybersecurity in the current environment. Dr. Ravich was interviewed by Michael Greenwald, Director at Tiedemann Advisors.

Understanding the CARES Act and Tax Strategies During Difficult Times

In this installment of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series from May 21, Managing Director Kimberly Evans sat down with Jo Anna Fellon and Brandon Baker from Friedman LLC to discuss the CARES Act and various tax strategies clients may consider during the current environment.

Impact Investing: Reflections, Responses and Opportunities

Managing Director Jennifer Ayer talks with Jed Emerson about impact investing in this segment of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series from May 7, 2020.

Philanthropy, the Pandemic and New Possibilities

This segment of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series from April 30, 2020 Richard Woo (Senior Advisor in Philanthropy, Impact Investing and Social Equity) and Bjorn Larsson (CEO of the ForeSight Group) talked about philanthropy, the pandemic and new possibilities.

Wealth Planning Strategies During Challenging Times

This segment of our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series from April 23, 2020 focuses on various income tax and estate planning opportunities stemming from the current environment. In this webinar three senior members of our trust and estate planning team provide an overview how to take advantage of depressed asset values, what estate planning opportunities depressed assets along with low interest rates present, and what estate planning documents you should be reviewing now.

Economic and Geopolitical Implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic

We kicked off our Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series with a conversation around the economic and geopolitical implications of the coronavirus with Tiedemann’s Managing Director and international investment and foreign policy expert Robert Hormats. In this webinar Mr. Hormats highlighted the potential consequences of the pandemic on global inter-governmental relations and shared his thoughts on what the investment and business landscape around the world will possibly look like in the post-pandemic, less-globalized world.

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