May 2019

Family Wealth Report publishes Tiedemann byline on Navigating Opportunity Zones

FWR recently published the article titled "Three Tips for Navigating Opportunity Zones" authored by Tiedemann's Kent Insley and Anisa Dougherty, in which the authors describe that while these zones have their appeal, one must also be aware of the risks.

The package of US tax measures enacted by the current administration in late 2017 were mainly covered for corporate and personal tax changes, such as caps on state and local income tax deductions, the one-off levy on firms repatriating overseas earnings, and the corporate tax cut from 35 to 21 per cent. A less salient reform was the Qualified Opportunity Zone idea, with the notion of letting investors get reliefs from capital gains if they put money into designated areas of the US deemed to be in need. All US states are included in the QOZ plan. In a way, the zones gel with the rising theme of impact investing, in that people who want to do “good” in some way get a financial return, although practitioners might debate how close such a term really fits. In this article, Kent Insley, chief investment officer, and Anisa Dougherty, associate, at Tiedemann Advisors, give some ideas about how people should approach using these zones. Read the article on FWR here:

You can also read about this topic in our similarly titled blog post:

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