May 2018

Tiedemann expands its external Investment Advisory Committee

We are pleased to welcome our new Impact Advisory Council members, Sarah Cavanaugh, Dana Smith and Jed Emerson.

News Release

NEW YORK – May 15, 2018 – Tiedemann Advisors, a privately-owned investment and wealth advisor, announced today three new appointees as a subgroup to their Investment Advisory Committee. Sarah Cavanaugh, Jed Emerson and Dana Smith will join the firm’s newly formed Impact Advisory Council, advising the firm’s overall impact investing strategy which is a growing segment of Tiedemann Advisors’ business. They will join the other seasoned committee members in overseeing all aspects of the firm’s overall investment process.

  • Sarah Cavanaugh is a founding trustee of The Russell Family Foundation and has served on the National Center for Family Philanthropy and Council on Foundation boards, among others. She is an active philanthropist, mentor, writer and documentary film producer who has led start-ups in the non-profit sector. She is committed to articulating and aligning values in organizations with culture and operations.
  • Dana Smith is a Senior Non-Resident Fellow at Georgetown University and the CEO and founder of Decibel Strategy, a firm that advances business, trade and professional ties between the U.S. and the Middle East. Previously, Smith served as the United States Ambassador to the State of Qatar from 2014-2017. During her tenure, she successfully advocated for over $100 billion U.S. business and investment opportunities in Qatar, as well as over $70 billion Qatari investment in the U.S.
  • Jed Emerson is currently Senior Fellow for ImpactAssets, a non-profit financial services firm. From 2011 to 2017, he was senior strategic advisor to five family offices with over $1.4 billion in assets, each executing 100 percent impact investment strategies located around the world. He is a Senior Fellow at Heidelberg University and has held faculty appointments with Oxford University, Harvard, Stanford and Kellogg business schools. He is the author of various books and articles on impact investing.

“Sarah, Jed and Dana offer a diverse wealth of knowledge in impact investing, international relations and philanthropy that will be extremely beneficial for our clients and our Committee,” said Michael Tiedemann, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. “Impact investing is a growing segment of our business. These industry leaders will continue to be guardians to ensure our firm remains authentic in its impact offering. I’m excited to welcome them to Tiedemann Advisors.”

Tiedemann Advisors' External Investment Advisory Committee along with its Board of Directors oversees all aspects of Tiedemann’s investment process and contributes to the firm’s market outlook and investing strategies. The Investment Advisory Committee is comprised of an experienced group of investment professionals whose backgrounds focus on various sectors of investing.

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