Planning & Education

We work with our investment professionals to provide ongoing estate, philanthropic, tax, insurance, & succession planning, as well as liquidity oversight.

The Tiedemann approach to wealth planning

If we’ve learned one thing from all the individuals, families, and organizations we’ve worked with, it’s that no two situations are the same. That’s why our team, of ten experienced wealth planners, supports you in developing a customized plan that looks at your short and long-term goals, objectives, circumstances, preferences and complete financial picture, while attending to the smallest details.

Our experts, who include attorneys, accountants, tax experts and trust specialists, work in partnership with our investment professionals as one team remaining independent and objective while giving you personalized service. We provide ongoing estate, philanthropic, tax, insurance, and succession planning as well as liquidity oversight. We also coordinate with your existing advisors to ensure that your plan is fully informed and carefully tracked, and that your progress is clearly communicated so that you always know where you stand.

How is a plan developed?

How do we integrate your plan?

Trustee Services

Your goals and circumstances may warrant trust structures and services. One of the advantages of wealth planning at Tiedemann is we offer trust administration and full corporate trustee services through our Delaware Trust Company.

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Investment Management Services

Our planning professionals work closely with our Investment Team to structure the appropriate asset allocation and location based on each separate entity’s investment and tax objectives, projected asset growth, cash needs, risk profile, liquidity and federal and state tax constraints.

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Setting you up for success

Education & Governance

It starts, like everything does at Tiedemann, with getting a full understanding of you and your situation. Then we lead or participate in family, board and committee meetings — or individual discussions with key members. This can include everything from educating the next generation on investment, philanthropy and governance to helping to facilitate family meetings and succession planning. Our team develops and administers educational sessions and materials as needed for each individual circumstance.

This is our proven process for ensuring that the wealth and investments of families and organizations continually reflect what matters most to them.

Community Square logo

We firmly believe that knowledge expands when people come together. That’s why we focus so intently on close partnerships with our clients. It’s also why we create a space for clients to share experiences and stories with each other.

It’s a space we call Community Square. The goal is to raise awareness and deepen knowledge among the like-minded searching for both meaningful conversations and deeper connections. Ultimately, we’ve found that the conversation revolves as much around wealth as it does around well-being. To us, that makes it all the more valuable.

Think of our team as another member of yours.

True partnership requires a lot more than a quarterly check-in. We’re in continual contact with our clients as internal and external dynamics change. And you can always come to us with questions and concerns.

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