Introducing T-Pay

A faster and more secure electronic invoice submission and payment solution

Tiedemann Advisors is committed to streamlining payment solutions that allow us to offer quick, seamless invoice submission and secure payment turnaround for our valued partners and vendors. That’s why we are transitioning to electronic invoice submission and payment through the T-Pay Program. Tiedemann has partnered with Chrome River and Vendorin because of their strong reputation for invoice submission and electronic payment management, and because of their stance on protecting our and our vendors’ valuable payment information.

Invoice Submissions

We’re pleased to introduce Chrome River CAPTURE, a service that centralizes invoice processing. By sending your invoices via email, documents are immediately received for processing, eliminating postal service costs and delays, and significantly reducing the risk of loss. The invoice should be sent after the delivery of the goods or on completion of the services performed.

Invoices are to be attached as PDFs and sent to the following email: [email protected]

(Invoices sent to our physical address will be scanned and emailed to the address above.)

For the T-Pay Program’s invoice submissions guidelines, please click here.

Payment of Invoices

We are moving to electronic payments and therefore partnered with Vendorin, a highly regarded payable organization. When we issue a payment to you, you’ll receive an email that contains a one-time-use Visa card, complete with an assigned card number, expiration date, payment amount, cardholder information, and the card verification code (CVC). You will then be able to manually enter the card information into your company’s credit processing terminal to process the payment for the specified dollar amount.

For more information on receiving payment via the T-Pay Program and how to register for the program, can be found here.

We have also put together a Frequently Asked Questions document to help address some of the most common questions.

Next Steps

Please update your company’s contact information as part of your registration with Vendorin as we transition to Visa as our preferred method of payment of invoices. Registration takes less than five minutes to complete online at or over-the-phone with the T-Pay Registration Services Team at (888) 618-2550 or by emailing [email protected].

Vendorin’s T-Pay Registration Services Team will reach out to confirm your participation in the T-Pay Program if a registration form is not received.

If you have any questions or concerns about Tiedemann Advisors new invoice submission and electronic payment process, please email us at accountspayab[email protected].

We look forward to your participation in the T-Pay Program!

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