Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to complete my registration?

Please register as soon as possible so that payments can be submitted quicker and more efficiently, with less fraud risk. Registration takes less than five minutes to complete online at, over-the-phone with Vendorin’s T-Pay Registration Services Team at (888) 618-2550, or by emailing [email protected] to request a PDF copy of the T-Pay Registration Form.

I am concerned about your security.

We chose Vendorin because Vendorin maintains high levels of data security and for its top-notch 10-Point StopFraud™ validation process. Your information is protected by a unique username and password, is encrypted with 128-bit SSL security, and is continuously scanned for security breaches. In addition, your information is never shared with or sold to other institutions or companies.

What if we don’t participate?

Tiedemann Advisors has partnered with Vendorin to move to electronic payments. If you are unwilling to participate, your company will continue to receive checks at the current payment terms until the full transition to electronic payments is complete.

Why is Vendorin and not Tiedemann helping me update my contact information?

Tiedemann Advisors has partnered with Vendorin to help vendors like you move to electronic payments. We have asked Vendorin to contact our vendors to update contact information, including payment methods accepted.

I need supervisor approval.

Please provide Vendorin’s T-Pay Registration Services Team with your supervisor’s contact information and we will send them an email that further describes the invoicing and payment changes Tiedemann is enacting. We’ll also follow up with a call to answer any questions.

How much does this cost?

There is no charge to register for Tiedemann Advisors’ T-Pay program.

What are the benefits?

By making this transition, Tiedemann Advisors will be able to pay you electronically, which reduces both our and your exposure to potential check fraud. Electronic payments eliminate lost checks as well. In appreciation of your participation in our T-Pay Visa Card Program, Tiedemann Advisors will update your payment terms to Immediate-Pay.

What if I already have a Vendorin Profile?

If you have an existing profile, it can be linked to your Tiedemann Advisors’ T-Pay profile to pay you electronically. Vendorin’s T-Pay Registration Services Team can assist in linking your profile to Tiedemann Advisors.

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