Invoice Submissions via the T-Pay Program

Effective June 15, 2019, our invoice submission guidelines will be changing. Below are important changes that will affect how your company submits invoices to Tiedemann Advisors for payment. Please reach out to us with any invoice-related questions at [email protected].

Invoice Submission Guidelines

Vendors will be asked to email invoices to [email protected].

  • Vendors will be able to submit multiple invoices per payment; however, each invoice must be attached to the message as a separate PDF.
  • If an invoice is being re-submitted or is past-due, please indicate this on the invoice before sending the image via email. If you submit an invoice electronically, please do not follow up with a postal mail copy, as this will delay the invoice processing timeline.
  • Please update your records with the new invoice delivery email address: [email protected], and fully review our new invoice guidelines.

To ensure all invoices received are effectively tracked and delivered in an efficient manner, vendors must include the following header data on their invoices:

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Remittance Address, Telephone, Email, and Web Address.
  • Invoice Number, Date, and Amount
  • Requestor Information (contact name of the Tiedemann employee who requested the service or product).
  • Payment Currency
  • The words “Invoice” or “Bill” clearly written toward the top of the page.
  • Our Client/Account/Matter Number
  • For Trademark-related invoices, Trademark Name and our Reference Number. Only one Trademark Name per invoice issued.

The instructions in the above guidelines take precedence over any instructions you have previously received and will remain in effect unless Tiedemann Advisors notifies you otherwise, in writing. Please ensure that complete and accurate invoice data is provided as described above, as this will greatly impact our ability to process your invoices in a timely fashion.

Compliance with New Invoice Delivery Email Address and Invoice Submission Guidelines can reduce the time and cost of processing invoices for you and for us. Please join us in making the process more efficient for all of us.

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