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Accomplishing your goals, both financial and non-financial, is critical. With your priorities as our guide, we create sophisticated wealth transfer strategies that allow you to maintain your lifestyle while providing for your loved ones and community.

Welcome to Trust at Tiedemann.

The Tiedemann approach to trusts and estates

Trusts are flexible tools that can help ensure your wealth is preserved, protected and distributed as you intend. Whether you already have a trust or are in the process of setting one up, it’s important to select the right trustee to oversee it. And since a trust can last for many years, you need to know that your trustee will be around for years to come and has the expertise, time and dedication to carry out the long-term obligations of their position. Tiedemann was built for permanence from the very beginning through our partnership model.

Our trust services are offered through our Delaware Trust Company, allowing you to manage all your wealth and investment needs with a single trusted team.

What do you get with Tiedemann as your Trustee?

Precision +
Protection +
Personalization +
Peace of Mind +

Knowledge & Resources

  • Full corporate trustee and executor services
  • Access to non-traditional investments and enhanced trust performance and/or income generation
  • Creation or modification of trust instruments and/or administrative practices to meet beneficiary needs
  • Development of sophisticated investment portfolios with appropriate liquidity and tax parameters
  • Account and entity reporting and record keeping of all assets and transactions
  • Pooled investment structures for consolidated investing and greater economies of scale among families
  • Document repository for all accounts and entities

To get the most out of your assets, you need two things: an expert who acts with care and precision and a partner who sustains through generations. With Tiedemann, you get both.

Trust is a long game. Partnerships with Tiedemann are built to last.

Let’s protect the future of your wealth and family — together.

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